Will it save me money if I do the repairs myself? The answer to this can be tricky. How do I tactfully explain to the homeowner that if they do the patching and repairing properly then it can definitely cut down on the time it takes to prepare the room, however, if done incorrectly, it can add more money to the job?

We had a customer who “finished” the wainscoting around their entire home with silicone. They were trying to help with the preparation not knowing that silicone does not accept paint. We ended up having to remove all of the silicone prior to painting and replaced it with a paintable caulking. This added almost a full day to the job. So, in this case, it was not helpful for the homeowner to do any preparation work. 

We prefer to do all of the preparation because we know it is done right and we know what materials were used in case we need to fix some issues. Of course, if you are a drywall installer by trade, then we would be happy to accept the help. 

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