As a homeowner, I am not a fan of wallpaper. There, I said it! I have removed too much of it to want to put it up in my own house. However, as a decorator, I really like how it can change a room. There are so many wallpaper patterns and colours to choose from that the results are endless.

Many of the designers on T.V. are using wallpaper in their designs. They are using it behind shelving, on furniture, as feature walls and in small powder rooms.

When deciding to paper or not, there are some things to think about. Do I LOVE this wallpaper? You are going to be living with it for quite a while because you paid extra for it to be there. So, you better love it. Will this colour and pattern last for my décor? Does it have enough variation in colour or is neutral enough to be able to change your duvet in your bedroom or throw pillows in your living room? If not, maybe it is not the right paper for you. Do you change your décor often? If not, then wallpaper can work for you. However, if you like change, it will add to the cost to change your décor. Removing wallpaper is not inexpensive. Are you going to be living in your house for a long time? It is a very personal thing to put wallpaper up. It does not speak to the masses. So, if you are selling soon, you might want to wait to put up that feature wall.

To wallpaper or not is a personal decision. When making that decision, consider the above questions and if the answers point to doing it, then go for it!