It is wonderful to bring colours of nature into your home. Whether you love winter, fall, summer or spring, all those colours in each of those seasons can inspire you. Mother nature has an amazing gift of putting colours together that are harmonious. One of the ways to bring those colours into your home is to take a photo of some scenery that you love and pull the colours from that picture as I have done in the above picture. The rocks have many shades of grey that I could have also incorporated into the palette but for simplicity sake, I chose one. There is green, blue and an earth tone that are all jumbled together but everything works. You could take any one of the four colours and make it your main colour and use the other three to use as accents around the room. For example, if you had grey walls, you could use the dark blue to be an accent wall. You could also have green plants in the room, or green throw pillows or blankets in the room and it would all blend. Your furniture could be the neutral earth tone, or the flooring could be the earth tone in the room. There is an endless array of options with this palette. What is your favourite time of year? Maybe it is time to bring that season into your home. The Pink Painter would be happy to help you. Call us today for a free estimate! Our interior decorator can help you bring your favourite season into your life.