The new trend that I am seeing is a move to paint interiors white. It is a very fresh and bright colour. It is a bit more cheery than the grey that we have been painting for several years. It can make a room very fresh. However, there are a few concerns when painting with white. The first and probably the most important is that the colour does not cover over most colours. Even light colours have a hard time being covered by white. This means that you will need at minimum three coats of paint to paint your house white. I have seen up to five coats of paint in some cases. I have used good quality paint, primers, top of the line paint and in all cases, you are looking at three coats minimum. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly colour, white is not for you. The other thing that I notice with white is that all of your furniture etc stand out much more with this colour. It will highlight your old sofa or your not so nice chair. White looks really good in a brand new house with brand new furniture. However, if highlighting your old sofa is what you want to do, then white is your colour. If used correctly, It can make a room look larger, it can make it look brighter and it can highlight wood trim. If used incorrectly, then you may be looking for all new furniture.

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