It is interesting how all of us start to think of improving our home in Spring. We all start to open our windows and let the fresh air flow through our houses.

I think the fresh air causes us to look at the inside of our house. It’s like catnip for cats. It makes us a little giddy, puts pep in our step and opens our minds to new and fresh ideas. The other thing it makes us do is clean. While cleaning, we start to see some of the flaws in our walls and trim. We then think of painting the walls to fix those flaws. And, if we are painting, why don’t we change the colour.
It starts to snowball into a full paint job. This can become a little overwhelming for some individuals. However, that is where we come in to help. We can help you with picking colours, and making the job a whole lot easier for you. We can complete most jobs in less than a week. We work around your schedule and 99 of the time we can have you living in the home while we work. The painting gets done in a timely manner, the job is supervised by our project managers so you don’t have to manage the painters and the quality control is done as well. The painting is done with as little inconvenience to you as possible with high quality standards.
We would love to help you with your Spring clean up. Call us today for a free estimate. 403 208 8015