Ask yourself these questions before bringing an interior designer on board.
One of the questions we get asked is whether it’s worth it to hire an interior designer. Hiring a designer is an incredibly personal experience. Some people wouldn’t dream of starting a project without professional help and others can’t justify the expense. So, Unfortunately, this is not something we can answer for you.
However, we’re not going to leave you hanging. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before committing to working with a pro. Read them below and think about them carefully. After you answer each one, you’ll know for sure whether or not hiring an interior designer is the right choice for you.
How much do you want to spend?
It’s not only important to consider how much you’ll want to spend, but also when you’ll be ready to afford the costs.
If you choose to design the space on your own, you can decide what you can do vs. what you’ll hire someone else to do. You can slowly put the room together piece by piece if you don’t have a large, lump-sum of cash available.
Designers have their own unique fee structure. Some charge a flat fee for their work, others work on an hourly basis. Some charge fees on each purchase they make while others take a percentage of the cost of the room or house as a whole. Be sure you’re comfortable with how you’ll be charged before signing any paperwork.
Which services would you like to hire out?
Next, you need to consider what you would like the end result of the project to look like. Interior design is a lot more than buying new furniture and putting up a fresh coat of paint. You must balance aesthetics and function while also considering how each individual item will fit together as a whole. Some of these things you may be able to do yourself. However, you may need other trades to help you with the end result. Most designers offer an extensive list of trades and services that they can personally recommend covering these needs. This can be a very valuable resource if you don’t have a trusted trade already in your address book.
A full-service designer is going to be the costliest option, but depending on the company you work with, you may be able to create an a la cart selection that allows you to take control over the tasks you can handle and hire out the rest.
How comfortable are you with your personal sense of style?
Having an end result in mind is especially important if you’re going to hire someone else to take charge of your design. The designer will base their style decisions on the parameters they’ve been given, so if you’re feeling unsure, you could end up with something you aren’t happy with. Changing things after the fact can get very costly.
While you’ll need to have a style in mind when you’re working on you’re own, you’ll also have a much larger margin for error. You can return pieces that don’t work or switch up your design plan without incurring excess fees.
How comfortable are you making decisions?
While this may seem like a weird question, it is absolutely a necessary one. Some people love making decisions and others shy away from this task. Only one of those personalities will mesh well with a professional interior designer.
When you hire a designer, you’re automatically promoted to decision maker. Your designer will present you with a series of options for every aspect of the room. They will need your final approval before moving forward. If you get overwhelmed by making countless choices, this may not be your best option.
Decisions still have to be made if you design the room on your own. However, you will have the freedom to do it at your own pace. If you need the work done at a faster pace, you may want to hire a designer, as this will force you to make decisions more quickly. You need to weigh which option is best for you.
Keep these questions in mind before starting your next project.
Hiring an interior designer is a very personal decision. If you’re on the fence about whether bringing in a pro is the right choice for you, keep our questions in mind. We’re sure that, if you take the time to consider them carefully, you’ll land on a decision that feels right to you.