Anyone can paint right? Yes! Anyone can paint. However, can they do it right?
I am amazed at how much chemistry is involved in the painting industry. Professional house painters are not only skilled artists, but they are chemists as well.
Have you ever seen paint flaking off of a bathroom ceiling or peeling paint on the side of a house? The reasons for the paint failing can be several things. One reason could be that the paint did not bond to the substrate, or flaking can also occur due to overspreading or under spreading of the paint, lower quality paints lack flexibility and thin coats are less adhesive. If you don’t know what product you should be using, or how to apply it properly, it can have dire consequences.
Most do it yourself painters make a trip to the nearest big box store, buy the paint that is on sale, go home and apply it to the wall without doing much preparation.
A professional painter will assess the wall or area that needs to be painted. They will choose the paint that is best suited for the area. For example, some walls need to be primed prior to being painted. If the area has issues, they will fix the issues. They will apply the paint after preparing the surface properly.
A professional painter will remove all light switch plates, grids, and electrical plates, sand the wall, mask off all windows, trim and doors, fill all holes and then put a first coat on. They will then let it dry for at least four hours. ( If you put the paint on before it has a chance to dry, you are not actually putting a second coat on. You are just moving the wet paint around.) They will sand the walls again and make sure all the imperfections have been taken care of. They will then apply the finishing coat. Once dry, they will put the switch plates etc. back on.
A professional painter will not leave paint on trim on your doors or windows. Their lines on the ceiling, walls and trim will be straight and solid. They will not leave paint marks on your ceiling. They will not paint over wallpaper glue and leave it all bumpy. They will not leave drips. They will protect your furniture by covering it while they are painting. They will protect your floors by using drop cloths. The walls will look smooth and silky. The finished product will look very different than a do it yourself job.

Anyone can paint but the finished product will be the tell all as to whether it was done by a professional.