If you own an animal, they are typically a large part of the family.  I can attest to this as I have had dogs, cats, horses throughout my life. The big question is what to do with animals and painting projects?

I feel I am qualified to answer this as a home owner, a contractor and pet lover.
First a quick story We were painting an interior of a home which had two cats. We asked the homeowner to keep the cats in one of the rooms we weren’t painting in. She said that the cats wouldn’t bother us so not to worry. Shortly after, my painter was in a bedroom and he came running out calling out the homeowner’s name. The cat had jumped into the paint tray and was now running throughout the house leaving paw prints all over. Luckily, they were hardwood floors and it was latex paint. It wasn’t that hard to clean but the homeowner decided to lock her cats in a room after that.

I love animals and especially dogs. Dogs seem to sense that we like them so they like to hang around us when preparing and painting homes.  This is not always a good idea (reread story above because dogs like paint trays too).

The other issues we have had with animals are:
Dog hair stuck to walls as well as paint on dogs and cats from them rubbing against the walls or door trim.
Cat paw prints painted across the floor or bed due to a cat walking in paint trays.
Cats and dogs marking their territory on painter drop clothes.
Animals sneaking out the door as we are carrying in and out equipment and materials.
Exterior work being performed to find piles of dog deposits like a minefield around the yard.
Dogs barking constantly inside as we are painting the exterior because they don’t understand why we are there and are very uncomfortable with us near their house
Even though we use Low VOC paints, strong odors from our paints could affect the animals especially pet birds

We love animals but as you can see animals and renovations are not always friends. It is best to either kennel the animals while we are in the house, or have them in a room that we are not painting or put them in doggie daycare. This will prevent mishaps and the pets will be much less stressed while we are in your home.

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