It looks like the weather is improving and when that happens, we start to think about exteriors. Does your fence need a fresh coat of stain or paint? How did your deck survive the winter? Is your exterior needing some TLC? We can help with all of those areas. 

Calgary has a very harsh climate for exteriors. The freeze thaw does a number on most decks. Unfortunately, this means that your deck will need regular maintenance every few years. I have found that using a good oil based stain on a deck lasts the longest in our harsh environment. 

There are many different options for exteriors. Getting the correct product to use on the exterior is half the battle. If the product is wrong, no matter how well you apply it, it won’t last very long. We offer a 3 year warranty on exteriors. We make sure the product is right for the application. 

For help with decorating tips, colour choices and the right products for the right surfaces, call The Pink Painter for a free estimate. We will help you make your home a place you love again.  403-808-7389