The power of three or uneven numbers are a big part of interior decorating. It is a good rule of thumb to repeat a colour at least three times in a room in order to make it stand out. For example, in the picture, the red is repeated at least three times and the yellow shows up at least three times too. Doing this helps to make that colour pop. If you had just one red bowl in the picture, it might not look as if it was supposed to be there. By repeating the red, with the bowl, in the knobs on the stove and in the stools, it takes on a purpose.

When painting a feature wall in a room, it is always a good idea to take the rule of three into consideration. Bring the colour from the feature wall into the rest of the room, repeat it a few times and it will look like you chose the colour to accentuate the rest of your decor. It won’t just be a wall with colour on it with no purpose.

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