Its getting chilly outside so it time to “MOVE THE PAINT” no one wants frozen paint.

The Days and especially nights are getting colder and soon we will be experiencing a first freeze of the season. (If you are reading this in the summer then I apologize….it is going to happen sooner than you think)

In general, if latex paint freezes once, it is NO LONGER usable.  If you open the lid you might see something that resembles cottage cheese.  Cottage Cheese should not be used to paint with.

If you have paint in the following areas that are not heated:

  • Garage
  • shed
  • under porch
  • breezeway

or places where it is heated but are sitting directing on the floor:

  • garage (remove from floor)
  • cellar (place on a shelf or place wood on the floor and cans on top)

Oil paints are a little tougher than latex paint and in some cases can withstand a lower temperature but can not freeze.  So it is time to “MOVE THAT PAINT”

It is best to store the paint in an area that is heated and that is not directly on the floor. An example would be on a shelf in a storage area inside your home.

If the paint does freeze it will have to be disposed of properly.

The best way to dispose of the paint is to bring it to your local fire department. They have a hazardous waste area that allows homeowners to drop off any unused paint.