While doing estimates, I am asked to include an accent wall in some areas of the home. Some people think that an accent wall should just be included in the cost to paint the room. It should not cost extra. However, there are reasons we charge extra for accent walls.

When we paint a room all one colour, we can continue around the entire room without stopping. When we paint an accent wall, we have to mask that wall off to get a clean line at the corner of the room. Therefore, we have to wait until the rest of the walls have dried sufficiently to do this. This takes time. Sometimes, we have to come back the next day to paint the one accent wall. That means there are two trips to the house and part of two days to do a room with an accent wall. We also have to use another roller, more tape and a different brush to paint the accent wall. Therefore, there is double the amount of clean up for the painter.  We also have to buy another gallon of paint to paint a different colour. Time, extra materials and extra cleanup is why we have to charge extra for an accent wall.

The accent wall painting includes:

The Process:

  • Protect surrounding area and floor with drop cloths and or plastic.
  • cover furniture.
  • light sand wall to be painted.
  • repair minor discrepancies on wall as needed.
  • remove wall plates and switch plates and reinstall when process is complete.
  • Apply one coat of quality latex wall paint
  • wait adequate dry time
  • apply second coat of quality latex wall paint.
  • clean up

Factors that could increase or decrease cost of the accent wall painting process:

possible additional cost added:

  • extremely dirty or nicotine stained wall surface will need to have a primer put on the wall prior to painting
  • damaged wall or imperfections needing repair that are more than the usual small imperfections.
  • Height of wall above 8 feet
  • Deep or bold colors needing more than two finish coat application

The cost of painting an accent wall: 

$ 100.00        1-12 foot long x up to 8 foot high :

$ 120.00       14 foot long x up to 8 foot high :

$ 160.00       20 foot long x up to 8 foot high:


* The above all do not include the finish paint.