It is not a small task to repaint wood trim around windows, but fortunately it’s one of the easiest tasks that you can do yourself. The task of repainting window exterior becomes easier if you have a single-story home or a good quality ladder. To do it properly, you will need a lot of patience, time and elbow grease. That is why most people leave it to the professionals. However, if you have the time and the ability. It is something you can do yourself.

The most important problem people face when repainting window exterior is peeling and cracking paint that creates an unsightly appearance and leaves your windows prone to damage. It also reduces the overall curb appeal of your windows. However, when it’s done properly, you can get an outstanding end-result and your windows will go many years without having to repeat the process.


1 clean

2 remove caulking, peeling paint by scraping and sanding and glazing

3 prime and caulk

4 paint two coats (use a good quality exterior paint with a long warranty)

A fifth step would be to use a sharp knife to remove any excess paint that you may have gotten on the window as you were painting.  A crisp clean line around the window makes for a professional look.