This can be an easy topic for one person or one that can completely paralyze another.

Putting a colour on the wall is like writing the first sentence to a novel, drawing the first line of a sketch, taking that leap off of a cliff into the water. All very daunting things to do but very empowering when it is done.

Some things to consider when choosing colour.

First, is this colour for you or for the next buyer? If you are planning on selling your house, you need to consider your audience. The colour you choose should be something that appeals to all of the potential buyers of your home. Most times, this means painting a neutral colour. The easiest way to find out what the “in” colour for homes is, is to visit the show homes in the newer areas of the city.  Those homes are set up to sell. Be careful with just copying the colour because you have to take into consideration your permanent colours in your home. Your cabinets, flooring, trim and doors are colours so they need to be factored in as well. If you don’t plan on changing those, the new colour must go with those items. The Pink Painter can help you choose the right colour that will go with your homes’ architecture.

If this colour is for you and you are not selling, then the world is your palette. The colour you choose is something that you have to live with for a while but don’t be afraid of it. Bold colour choices show your personality and can liven up the living space. The key is to find a colour that you love and then go for it!

One way to find a colour that will work for you is to take inspiration from a pattern in some fabric. It could be your duvet cover for your bedroom, a pillow for your family room or a table cloth for your dining room. All of these have colours you can pull from and put on your walls.

At The Pink Painter, we offer a free colour consultation as part of our service. If you are one of the ones that is paralyzed with fear or if you just want to make sure it is the right choice, we can help!