Can we get away with one coat, or do we need two? That’s a question many homeowners ask The Pink Painter.

The answer is a complicated one as there are many factors to take into consideration.

If the surface to be repainted is in good condition, is just faded and you are not changing the colour or sheen, then one coat can be applied and it most likely will be fine. White trim is an example of an area that you might be able to apply just one coat.

However, that situation is very rare. Most surfaces need minor and sometimes major repairs. Repairs require scraping, sanding and/or spackling. It is important to have a solid foundation before the top coat is applied. Proper preparation is key to a flawless finish. If any of the repairs expose bare wood or unsealed drywall, a primer coat is necessary. The primer seals the surface, improves stain blocking and, in some cases, helps with adhesion of the top coat.

Once the primer is applied, the next step is to apply the top coat. With one coat, it is          virtually impossible to not have holidays (slight misses where the paint did not fully cover) and roller marks. The second coat fills in all of the gaps that were missed on the first pass. With two coats, you will obtain a richer level of colour without the original colour coming through the new paint colour. This gives you a deeper and more beautiful look after the paint dries.

With The Pink Painter, two coats are our standard. We do it right the first time.